Bruce Arians keeping Tom Brady off field for Bucs’ minicamp



Tom Brady’s coaching career is getting an early start.

No, he is not retiring from the defending champion Buccaneers. Sorry to disappoint the fans of 31 other teams with Super Bowl aspirations.

Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians is just planning not to overtax his 43-year-old quarterback at mandatory minicamp next week, according to reports.

“I don’t know how much I’ll let him do … with guys chasing him around,” Arians said Tuesday, according to ESPN. “We’ll see. We’ll see what the doctors say. He may be doing a lot of coaching.”

Brady is not participating in voluntary OTAs – as has been his preferred way late in his career – but he isn’t using the time to splash Hawaiian vacation photos across social media like disgruntled Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Brady has gathered Buccaneers teammates for private throwing sessions, including one at the Yankees practice facility in Tampa.

Tom Brady will be sidelined for the Bucs' mandatory minicamp.
Tom Brady will be sidelined for the Bucs’ mandatory minicamp.
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That prompted Arians to offer up the Buccaneers practice facility for use by Brady and teammates without coaches’ supervision. By using the team facility, players were ensured of protection in case of injury so the Buccaneers did not end up with a situation like the Broncos, who cut right tackle Ja’Wuan James to save $10 million in salary after he was injured while training on his own.

“Evidently it was a real good workout,” Arians said. “I wasn’t here, but from everything I heard it was a real good workout. He’s not in town right now, but I would hope some of those guys that have been with him would come in here tomorrow [for OTAs]. We’ll see.”

Arians isn’t asking starters to participate in voluntary OTAs, as he sees the practices to be more beneficial for younger players and those fighting for bottom of the roster spots. Second-year receiver Tyler Johnson has been participating in the Brady-led sessions, according to ESPN.

“I wish he’d be over here,” Arians said of Johnson. “He’s not the dumb—. Tom’s throwing him the ball over there, so I might be with Tom too.”


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