’Close the door sweetie.’ Watch obedient bear show off good manners in New Jersey video



“Close the door sweetie.” That’s what one New Jersey woman told a bear seen on video obediently complying and showing off good manners at her front doorstep.

“Bears are damn smart! This bear learned how to close the front door to my house,” Vernon homeowner Susan Kehoe wrote in her video’s description shared to YouTube, where she has over 1,500 subscribers.

In the minute-long encounter, Kehoe filmed herself communicating on Monday, Nov. 22, with the unlikely visitor — which she called “Mr. Bear” — at her home, CBS New York reported.

Initially, she opens the door asking “is it raining?” and tilts her camera, revealing the large furry mammal standing outside.

“Will you please close my door?” she is heard asking. “Close the door Mr. bear.”

Eventually, the bear steps inside on her wooden floor and grabs the front doorknob with its mouth, the video shows.

As the door creaks, the bear almost pulls it to a close but stops.

“You have to finish closing it sweetie, the cold air is coming in,” Kehoe said.

Then, the bear again grabs the door handle with its mouth and obediently shuts Kehoe’s door.

Kehoe is a wildlife advocate and environmentalist, specializing in black bear education since January 1999, according to her LinkedIn profile.

In her profile’s description, she also said she is a photographer who takes photos of black bears.

“Throughout all these years, I was amazed at the gentle disposition of the North American Black Bear,” she wrote.

On her YouTube channel, she has uploaded dozens of videos of black bears, including one of a mother bear swinging in a hammock.

McClatchy News reached out to Kehoe for comment and is awaiting response.

“As with all wildlife, respect their ‘space,’” Kehoe wrote on LinkedIn.

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