Embarrassing Weekend for Yankees feat. Mike Stanton



Yankee reliever Mike Stanton delivers
Mike Stanton
Jeff Zelevanksy

The Yankees’ roller-coaster season continues. After sweeping the White Sox, they lost two of three games to the Blue Jays. They then shocked the world by getting swept by the pitiful Tigers. It was a nightmare weekend for the Yankees to forget in Detroit. They returned home for a key seven games against two teams ahead of them in the AL East in the Rays and Red Sox.

To discuss the disastrous weekend in Detroit and look ahead to the Rays series, we bring you a new episode of the “Pinstripe Pod” with Chris Shearn and Jeff Nelson, featuring an interview with Yankees great Mike Stanton, an episode recorded before Monday’s 3-1 loss to the Rays.

Pinstripe Pod Opening Segment with Chris, Jeff & Jake:

  • PATHETIC WEEKEND: Offense and defense were terrible over the weekend. Yankees were embarrassed in Detroit. Can’t get swept by the lowly Tigers. Aaron Boone showed some emotion, saying he was pissed.
  • CONCERNS: Lineup has not been good. Giancarlo Stanton’s bat looks lifeless? Big series coming up against the Rays and Red Sox. Is this team just not good enough? Will the inconsistencies come back to bite the Bombers?
  • FAN BEHAVIOR: Fans need to stop being so reckless. I saw a fan at the Yankees game throw a Blue Jays fan’s hat into the bullpen from the stands. Some fans around the sports have been out of control.



Mike Stanton Interview:
3-time World Series champion with Yankees (1998-2000), Yankees reliever (1997-2002), AT&T Sports Network analyst

  • YANKEE BULLPEN MEMORIES: Poop stories come back as Mike looks back at memories with Nellie in the bullpen. Team had camaraderie and loved being around each other.
  • STANTON + NELSON: How great of a combo were they out of the bullpen?
  • GAMES PITCHED: 74 games short of Jesse Orosco’s all-time record. Wanted it, but injuries to knee took a toll.

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