Julian Edelman practice fight led to torturous Bill Belichick film session



Nobody is safe from ridicule in Bill Belichick’s film sessions.

Countless players have found that out the hard way, including former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, whose most memorable film critique wasn’t even a drop or a missed assignment.

“When I used to like fight in practice,” Edelman said on Chris Long’s “Green Light” podcast, per MassLive. “I got into a fight with [Stephon] Gilmore. [Belichick] puts it on and he’ll just sit and rewind it like 45 times. With silence!

“So he sits and rewinds it like 45 times and he stands up and says like, ‘What the f— are we doing! We can’t have this!’ Just going on and just ringing me like, ‘You know what Edelman? You’re over here thinking you’re a tough guy.’ Just getting on me in front of the team … but I think low-key he loved it.”

Edelman, who won three Super Bowls under Belichick, retired in April after 12 seasons as a Patriot.

Patriots Julian Edelman Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick and Julian Edelman

Long, the former defensive end who also won a Super Bowl with the Patriots, said the nobody’s-safe film sessions — Tom Brady was reportedly often singled out, which came up when he ditched the Patriots for the Buccaneers — sent a message to the whole roster.

“I don’t think anybody was trying to screw up, ever,” Long said. “But when you screw up, you’re going to get fried in the big room. It made me feel better to realize that, probably, when I screwed up everybody felt just glad it wasn’t them. That was the prevailing emotion in the room. It wasn’t like, ‘F— you Chris.’ I was never watching you like, after that Pittsburgh game I guess you dropped a punt. I was like ‘Oh my God he’s yelling at Julian… Oh my God he’s yelling at one of the best players.’”


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