McDonald’s worker reveals shocking secrets about drive-thru



He’s a fry-spy.

A New Zealand McDonald’s worker flabbergasted fast-food lovers on TikTok after divulging three shocking truths about what transpires at the drive-thru. A clip of the hamburger-slinging Samaritan’s behind-the-scenes peek boasts 322,000 likes since it was uploaded on TikTok Oct. 12.

The revealing clip shows TikTok user @charlton.a in the middle of a shift, with captions listing the groundbreaking “drive through facts.” Per the PSA, workers allegedly can hear everything customers say even before the mike “turns on” to take their order.

If that wasn’t CIA-stealthy enough, the Golden Arches reportedly even snaps “mugshot photos” of patrons behind the wheel so employees know who gets which orders. So don’t even think of badmouthing employees while driving to the pickup window, or brandishing a gun if they don’t get your order right.

Of course, not all of the drive-thru revelations had to do with Big-Mac Brother surveilling customers. According to @charlton.a, the fast-food outlet also sells a “recipe book,” so burger addicts can get their Mickey D’s fix at home.

McDonald’s didn’t respond to a request for comment from The Post.

A McDonald's tipster has apparently shared some drive-thru secrets.
A McDonald’s tipster has apparently shared some drive-thru secrets.
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Nonetheless, social media had mixed feelings about the potentially privacy-violating reveals.

“Wait really!?” spluttered one aghast Golden Arches aficionado. “I’ve said things no one’s allowed to know about.”

One wrote, “THEY TAKE YOUR PIC WHAT NOOO,” while another patron worried that workers could hear him free-styling via the drive-thru mike.

However, other cheeky fry fans wondered how McDonald’s still gets their orders wrong despite the cutting-edge surveillance system.

“But you still can’t get the order right,” quipped one critic, while another wrote, “so you hear me saying I wanted Sprite not Coke.”

This isn’t the first time an alleged McDonald’s employee has aired behind-the-scenes practices on camera. A man claiming to be a McDonald’s worker likely put many a customer off their ice cream in 2017 after sharing a picture of what was purportedly the absolutely putrid inside of their dessert-making machine.

A McDonald's worker has allegedly revealed a trio of secrets about working the fast-food restaurant's drive-thru.
A McDonald’s worker has allegedly revealed a trio of secrets about working the fast-food restaurant’s drive-thru.
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