NYC heat wave will get worse before it gets better, forecasters say



The Big Apple is going to bake for a few more days.

Scorching heat in the city is expected to drop a few degrees on Monday but the humidity will spike — making it feel even hotter this week, according to meteorologists.  

“It’s going to be gross outside,” Accuweather Meteorologist Brett Rossio told The Post on Sunday — as the heat soared to 92 degrees in the city.

“The dew point is going to surge in coming days, so it’s going to feel even worse,” he said.

Temperatures will reach a high of 89 degrees on Monday, followed by 88 Tuesday and 87 Wednesday with afternoon storms expected to cool things off slightly, he said.

New Yorkers will be forced to sweat it out until a cold front blows in from Canada late Wednesday, bringing rain and a high of 80 degrees Thursday.

Meteorologists suggest the high temperatures could stick around New York City all week.
Meteorologists expect humidity in New York City to spike.
Gabriella Bass

On Sunday, heat-zapped New Yorkers stayed cool by swimming at beaches, drinking plenty of fluids and staking out shady outdoor spots in lawn chairs.

New York University students Alyssa Blake, Alanna Sibrian, Casey Fanous, Kleo Mitrokostas and Eliza Epps beat the heat by taking a dip at Coney Island Beach  — while others turned to frozen treats.

“I just came from Florida for 10 days and the hot there is not as bad as the hot here,” said Yvonne Johnson, 42, of Harlem, who bought a pineapple icee from a street vendor. “Here, it’s humidity with the heat. It’s more miserable here,” she said.

She added, “That’s why I bought the icee because it’s hot and my mouth is dry and this heat is dangerous.”

Coney Island
“It’s going to be gross outside,” Accuweather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson told The Post.
Gabriella Bass

Others said simply sitting still helps.

“I’m doing what I’m doing, sitting in the shade and drinking lots of water,” said Marty Jones, senior citizen from Harlem, who set up a plastic lawn chair under the awning of a store with pals. “I’m trying to move as little as possible.”

Nicholas N., 33, who spent Sunday at Battery Park, said he also has a trick for chilling.

“What I do is that I soak the shirt that I’m wearing with water and let it air dry. That usually helps me cool off,” he said.


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