Pet monkey fed cocaine before getting flushed down toilet



A disturbing series of videos of animal abuse has earned one woman a lifetime ban on owning pets.

When police raided south Wales resident Vicki Holland’s home, they were looking for drugs. Instead, they found self-recorded evidence of Holland’s horrifying treatment of her pet marmoset, a native of Central and South America’s tropical forests. 

One of the videos found on Holland’s phone depicted the deranged mother of four foisting cocaine upon the primate as it cowered in a corner at her home. “Want some coke? Lick my fingers,” says Holland, 38, during the bizarre footage, reported the Guardian on Friday.

In another video, Holland laughs as she tries to flush the frightened animal down her toilet while it clung to the rim for dear life. “I need the toilet,” Holland says in the clip. “Shall I flush it?”

monkey cocaine abuse uk
Vicki Holland is seen here offering the monkey cocaine.
Courtesy of RSPCA Cymru

She does, while calling the marmoset a “f–king twat” and instructing it, “Don’t attack me.”

Holland was later arrested, handed a 12-week jail term and permanently barred from owning animals after pleading guilty to three charges of abuse, the BBC reported.

The monkey was brought to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for treatment. 

monkey in toilet
The marmoset now lives at the Monkey World rescue center in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.
Courtesy of RSPCA Cymru

“An independent vet soon confirmed that the marmoset was suffering unnecessarily as a result of the way she had been treated,” said RSPCA inspector and exotics officer Sophie Daniels, according to the BBC.

“Holland was shouting, swearing, laughing and at one point in the clip, the toilet is flushed, showing the petrified animal struggling to cling onto the side of the bowl,” Daniels added.

The marmoset currently resides at the Monkey World rescue center in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

 “Thankfully, this monkey is now getting the care they deserve after such shocking mistreatment,” said Daniels.


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