Stitches vow for next MLB season: Build Back Better


So what did we learn this year? Gerrit Cole ($324M) and Francisco Lindor ($341M) are overpaid. The Braves didn’t need Ronald Acuna Jr.. The Dodgers needed Trevor Bauer and we are not fond of guys named Framber. And if you missed a COVID booster there should be another one along any minute.

Plenty of hate in the inbox but Jay Taikeff understands. “Being a public handicapper is a thankless job. Your sense of humor makes it tolerable.” Hey, not so bad, Jay. Mattress Mack lost $3.5 million, we lost 1,561 hannigans.

Last licks. In his first act as mayor, Eric Adams will build a statue of outgoing Mayor Bill de Blockhead … for the sole purpose of having it removed.

Thank you, Bill, for the steady stream of material over the years. And a tip of the hat to the “Fredo Banditos” Andrew and Chris Cuomo. Build Back Better, right sleepy Joe? Adios Stitch Amigos. See you next year.

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